Natural Gas Powered Vehicle Options

NGVs are available in many different vehicle platforms covering a multitude of uses both on-road and off-road. Here is a list of platforms and product suppliers:

On-Road Light

Light Duty Truck Fleet and Autos: EcoFuel Conversions on most North American built models. Vehicle manufacturers also sell factory produced NGVs.

  • Transit Buses
  • School Buses
  • Shuttle Buses

On-Road Medium

Medium Duty Class Trucks: Medium Duty Class Trucks are also available from many different vehicle suppliers.

  • Refuse Truck
  • Straight Truck
  • Street Sweepers


Natural gas is an excellent fuel for use with indoor vehicles and the reduced emissions provide a clean alternative to other fuels.

  • Forklifts
  • Ice Machines

Natural Gas Powered Trucks

Fleets are proving to be true pioneers in a shift to natural gas fuel. Aside from the increased energy security for the communities they serve, Natural Gas Powered Fleets are:


Improving urban air quality.

Fewer Emissions

Reducing greenhouse gases.


Reduced fuel costs.

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For more details on Enbridge natural gas conversions, please visit Vehicle Conversions.

NGT Refuse Trucks Brochure

See our Natural Gas Powered Refuse Trucks brochure for more information on how refuse trucks fueled by natural gas have been implemented in the City of Toronto and Miller Waste Management fleets.

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