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For over 25 years, Enbridge Gas Inc's Natural Gas Powered Vehicle Department has been providing natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling stations to customers. Enbridge continues to be a leader in advocacy for natural gas as a transportation fuel as well as builder and supporter of natural gas vehicle (NGV) market within its franchise areas of Ontario.

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    Enbridge Gas Inc. offers solutions for Commercial Vehicle Operators to fill their natural gas powered vehicles at their business. These systems provide immediate fuel cost savings and increased productivity by refuelling on-site.

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    Most of the NGVs on the road today are vehicle bi-fuel conversions. In the Greater Toronto, Niagara and Eastern Ontario areas, conversions and service are performed by Enbridge Gas Inc. authorized conversion centres.

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These images & videos provide general information and overview of natural gas as a fuel. We share them only for information purposes.

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For all supplier details and more information on converting and refuelling your current vehicles to natural gas, please Contact Us.